• Everyday Honey

    Everyday Honey (2)

    Everyday honey meant for your every day enjoyment. Sometimes, between our main flowering times, we get pollen and nectar from different trees in very similar proportions. Therefore, there is no predominant floral origin. Thus, we obtain our multi-floral honey. Multi-floral honey has a similar composition as our varietals when it comes to sugars and carbohydrates. It differs slightly in its sugar composition…
  • Gifts & Favors

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    Honey and bees have played an important role in the traditions of marriage and family in several cultures around the world. Honey symbolizes abundance, sweetness and purity, among others. Bees, on their part, reflect family, harmony and hard work. The Honey Company’s honey favors could be used for: Weddings (particularly destination weddings in the Dominican Republic) Baby showers Bridal showers…
  • Varietal

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    WHAT IS VARIETAL HONEY? Varietal honey stems predominantly from one tree species. A lab pollen analysis can determine the floral origin of honey. We also rely on a close observation of the seasons and the hive contents.  In our setting, though, a single-origin honey is not possible. Bees visit approximately two million flowers to make a pound of honey. Only…