• 100% pure, raw honey
  • Amber color
  • Thinner body
  • Subtle fragrance
  • Medium crystallization
  • Harvested in the rain forests of the north coast of the Dominican Republic

Acacia honey comes from Acacia mangium, a kind of acacia introduced to the DR and native to Australia. It is highly appreciated for its wood, which grows quite fast, and it is also recommended for soil regeneration.  Our Acacia Honey comes from apiaries located around the savannah area in Río San Juan, where acacia trees bloom from May through August.


The Honey Company’s Acacia Honey is the perfect match for those who really don’t like strong flavors and are looking for a healthy alternative to refined sugar in their diets.  It is subtle and delicate, but yet a tidbit sweeter than European Acacia honey. It goes great in this agua fresca!

Filtered, bottled and packed by hand in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Learn more here (en español).

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