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    BEE-BASED SKINCARE: THE PHILOSOPHY BEHIND Within a few days of keeping bees, it was clear to us that we needed to befriend them, to understand their plight and to start cleaning up our act as humans in this world. We realized that, although our lifestyle was relatively simple, we needed to make more radical changes to enjoy an environment that…
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    Share Dominican flavors with your loved ones with our high-quality selection.
  • Honey

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    When shopping, you'll likely find adulterated, processed, flavored, and even poorly harvested honey. Much more rarely, you will find exceptional raw honey. Proudly, that is what we do. Almost one decade ago we stumbled into a couple of hives. Bees then took over and guided us on this path. Thanks to the generous nature of the Dominican Republic and the…
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     De bien y estar Def. 1. m Conjunto de cosas necesarias para vivir bien  2. m Estado de la persona cuyas condiciones físicas y mentales le proporcionan un sentimiento de satisfacción y tranquilidad. Un estado permanente de bienestar proviene, para nosotros, de una convivencia armónica con la naturaleza y un respeto profundo por la sostenibilidad a cada paso de nuestro consumo.…

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