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Our Honey

Unique honey from a unique place


From the comb to your jar. THC’s honey is unaltered, unheated and only filtered once, in order to preserve its beneficial properties.

The Green Coast of the Dominican Republic is known for its copious vegetation and frequent, short rain showers. This impacts our honey with moisture, but also endows it with rich flavors that turn it into something you’ve never tried before, a truly unique honey.

Nestled in this tropical environment, our bees gather pollen and nectar from a variety of trees such as royal palm, moringa, mango and avocado but also more local species like piñón and penda de cima. We batch each harvest according to blossom times, thus being able to offer delicious seasonal varietals with a character, flavor and consistency of their own.

Some other features that make our honey stand apart:

– Completely raw. The only step between the hive and the jar is a strain, so it still contains beneficial pollen and wax.

– We use no pesticides or chemicals for beekeeping. Instead, we use natural trees and cures to repel ants, mites, termites and other several threats to the bees.

– We check and manage every single hive so we know where every single drop of honey comes from. Also, we use and maintain our equipment in the best of sanitary conditions.

– Our apiary has become a garden of local species attracting several kinds of pollinators. In less than one year, we have planted and groomed several species such as lipia, basil, piñón and moringa.

– Artisanally packed. We pack and label each jar by hand, taking extreme caution to offer a hygienic, yet fully handmade product.

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