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Save the bees

img-thingIt’s about time we all become beehuggers…

Most likely you’ve heard about the ordeal bees are going through all over the world. On top of mites and viruses, bees are suffering from something called Colony Collapse Disorder syndrome, in which entire colonies disappear. Although many would say it’s a mystery, the cause of this, as the cause of many of our current issues may be summed up in one single word: lifestyle.

Whether you like bees or not, or whether you think caring for the environment is a sort of hobby, CCD is but one symptom of what is happening to our entire food system, just like obesity and chronic diseases are. We are poisoning the sources of our nourishment, hence we are poisoning ourselves.

It might sound radical and even apocalyptical, but it’s only a call for each one of us to be responsible for what we do, to be mindful of what we’re buying, consuming and discarding. Do we go only by looks? Do we get what we need or are we overridden by our cravings? Do we really need a bigger, perfect looking pepper, even if it doesn’t taste as good or is void of nutrients? There are many more options beyond the quick and the easy, and what seems convenient may not be so on the long run. So help yourself by helping the bees, and start opening your eyes to a world of possibilities. It is this, and not compliance, which has taken human ingenuity to extraordinary places. Or at least, to survival.

So what can we do?

While we’re part of a society and some impositions are hard to escape, we’re also part of nature and some actions could be our grain of sand. In the specific case of bees, we could start a bee-friendly garden, or a garden to attract other pollinators.

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