Candelón Honey

$420.00 $420.00

  • 100% pure, raw honey
  • Light amber color
  • Thick body
  • Strong fragrance
  • Quick crystallization
  • Harvested in the western dry forest of the Dominican Republic
Filtered, bottled and packed by hand in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

The Honey Company’s Candelón Honey is best when used for bread making, or enjoyed on a piece of toast. It provides moisture and binding to flours, which is particularly great when baking gluten-free, like in the case of these yucca biscuits




Candelón honey comes from Candelón (Acacia skleroxyla Tuss.), a tree from the mimosa family widely found in the northern borderline between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is endemic from the island of Hispaniola. Candelón has bee-friendly tiny white flowers that bloom approximately from April through July. Its wood is highly appreciated as it is very resistant to the elements. 

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