Natural products that restore your wellbeing, promote bee health and support Earth’s healing

Embark on the sweetest journey to wellbeing and enjoy the full richness of our landscape right at your taste buds

Because food that is made in small batches, using quality ingredients and with no added chemicals is actually food that heals.


Bees inspire us to live life in the most healthy, clean way. Following their diet, we’ve developed wholesome ferments such as Greek yogurt and kombucha, both rich in probiotics to aid with digestion. 

We’ve also created a few alternative to plastics and other petrochemicals that are commonly used in homes, such as beeswax food wraps. Make a beeline to greater wellness in your life!

Just as with food, true radiance begins with the purity of what you put on your skin. Certified in organic skincare formulation, our team has put together a small line called Maitri (an old Pali word meaning to become friends, beginning with oneself). Most of our products are multitaskers, so you save money and we save Earth’s precious resources. Our formulas are both organic and effective, each one highlighting at least one of the products of our magic bees.