• 100% pure, raw honey
  • Amber to clear amber color
  • Thick body (17-18% moisture)
  • Strong fragrance
  • Slow crystallization 
  • Harvested in the rain forests of the north coast of the Dominican Republic

Filtered, bottled and packed by hand in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

The Honey Company’s Piñón Honey strikes a perfect balance between the richness of the tropics and the sophistication of the hard work of bees. This is the type of honey you’d like on baked goods, high quality teas and smoothies. Piñón honey is also recommended for face masks and healing wounds.

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Piñón honey comes from piñón cubano (Gliricidia septum), a medium-sized tree from the legume family. Piñón is native to a large area spanning from southern Mexico to Venezuela. It is widely recognized for its soil-enriching capabilities, as well as its ability to feed cattle, birds and rabbits. Its wood is strong and resistant to termites and the elements. Because of that, piñón is also used as a living fence. Moreover, its leaves are infused in water to treat lesions caused by the pox while its cork is used as poison for mice (hence its other common name, matarratón) . Piñón blooms in lila/pink flowers, attracting bees from approximately January through May, heralding the honey flow in our area. Piñón honey is perhaps the most consistent, lowest moisture honey produced in the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Some people wonder if our piñón honey come from pine nuts, a fruit of some species of pine trees. As explained above, the piñón species we benefit from is a legume. 

Learn more about piñón here (en español).