Multiflor 16 oz


  • Sometimes, between our main flowering times, we get pollen and nectar from different trees in very similar proportions. Therefore, there is no predominant floral origin that we can identify as a varietal. This is how we obtain our multi-floral honey. Multi-floral honey differs slightly from the varietals in its sugar composition and the content of trace minerals (accounting for less than 5% of all honeys, and yet providing amazing health benefits!).

    Multifloral Honey – 16 oz quantity-+



    • 100% pure, raw honey
    • Amber to dark amber tones
    • Fragrant and molassey
    • Most batches are harvested in the north coast of the Dominican Republic
    Filtered, bottled and packed by hand in Cabarete, Dominican Republic
    CHEF’S TIP: 

    Everyday honey that makes your days extraordinary. This is the type of honey you’d like at breakfast with oatmeal, or just drizzled atop some fruit or blended in your herb infusion. Whichever the case, it will not disappoint.

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