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Our Story

Starting an Apiary in the Dominican Republic


When people move down to the Dominican Republic they are usually retired, work on the tourism industry or on real estate. Beekeeping is considered if only as a hobby, and it is traditionally the work of campesinos, not gringos. However, we saw an apiary as the perfect opportunity to connect to the nature that got us here on the first place while making a living in a land where our careers are hard to practice.

Like most beginnings, The Honey Company started small. Our first two hives were strong, but they were lonely. As we got more acquainted with how hives should be kept, we acquired eight more and a short wile after, we got ten more from a local beekeeper.

As seasons pass and time goes by, we catch and we loose swarms. Our commitment is to grow up only to a point in which the two of us can still take care of every single box and manage the apiary in such a way that we can assure our bees are happy, healthy and strong enough to continue being the hard workers they are.


We have been very lucky to meet a small group of local beekeepers who have been doing this for more than four decades. Their kindness and patience have led us to learn a great deal of what we know about beekeeping, and their love for bees and nature has inspired us to remain strong through the hard times. Together, we dream of a fully established honey cluster in our region.

Also, we have been greatly inspired by the principles of biodynamic beekeeping that were presented to us by Michael J. Thielen and Jacqueline Freeman from Gaia Bees and Spirit Bee, thanks to the Dominican Beekeeping Network, REDAPI in early 2013. Although the bulk of our operation does not use topbar hives, we seek to focus our practices more on the needs of bees than on the need of excessive profit. So far, this approach has worked quite well for our bees and ourselves!