Wouldn't it be a better world if we all acted like them?

We believe it would, because bees prefer cooperation over competition, place the hive’s interest before their own, and work hard to toward sustainability. Our starting point? Working with nature. Following the lead of the bees, our aim is to create high quality products while improving everything we touch or, at least, leaving the least footprint possible. That is our mission.

Our Story

Facing a failed tomato crop in 2012, a friend suggested bringing bees in for pollination. Since bees do not pollinate tomatoes,our patch was pretty much ruined. The bees, however, thrived, and by that point we were madly in love with them. Since then, bees have been showing us the way to work hard, swarm when necessary, slow down when conditions demand and always, always make a buzz. 

To us, The Honey Company represents more than a rather straightforward name. It is a path of simplicity, of seeking a more grounded lifestyle, of professing our love for each other and our surroundings, all of which has resulted in a richer quality of life. We are happy to share the fruits of our work with those who are looking for high-quality products to eat and use, to preserve or regain health and to, above all, make conscious consumption decisions that improve our food chain and the health of the planet.

If you are walking this path or thinking about it, welcome! Please browse our pages, subscribe to our quarterly newsletter or check our blog for resources.


"That which is not good for the bee is not good for the hive"
Marcus Aurelius
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